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Unfortunately Misinformed Tom Elias Column

"If Elias thinks this is all due to the Big Bad Republicans (here I
must insert the disclaimer that I am a longtime liberal Democrat), he
needs to take another look. Support of H-1B is thoroughly, and
outrageously, bipartisan. The program was created by a Republican
president with a Democratic Congress, then expanded twice by a
Democratic president with a Republican Congress. Hilary Clinton, Barak
Obama, John Edwards and other major Democratic candidates for president
have all stated that H-1B needs to be expanded, and none is willing to
admit that it is a badly abused program which is pushed by major
corporate donors to the candidates' campaign and party funds. My own
senators, Boxer and Feinstein, have been bombarded with complaints about
H-1B, yet refuse to recognize the problem, and continue to support the

And though Elias is also correct that bills by Durbin (with equal
participation from Republican Grassley, whom Elias somehow "overlooked")
and Pascrell would do a good jo

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