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Sanders/Grassley H-1B Amendment Is Great Symbolic Victory

Many opponents of H-1B visas have correctly noted that the Sanders/Grassley amendment put in the Senate Stimulus Bill has a number of weakening provisions. But even those considerations pale in comparison to the core issue, which I believe is the historic, symbolic significance of the Sanders/Grassley amendment. For the first time since the establishment of the H-1B program in 1990, a house of Congress (the Senate here) has gone on record as characterizing H-1B to be a Bad Thing. The amendment puts H-1B on par with exorbitant salaries for CEOs who run their companies into the ground, and with the purchasing of cheap foreign steel.
The amendment, which passed unanimously in a voice vote, would place certain restrictions on hiring of H-1Bs by financial institutions receiving TARP bailout money. Download entire article in PDF format.

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