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Louisiana Hiring Filipino Teachers, Firing Americans! Where Are The Teacher Unions When We Need Them?

This is my summary of what happened: School officials took an all-expenses- paid junket to Manila. They must have had a wonderful time because they decided to hire young female Filipino teachers. So they announced there was a shortage of teachers. But in fact they already had more teachers than they needed because so many were jobless due to layoffs and the Katrina disaster. That problem was solved by initiating a large layoff of their American teachers after they hired the Filipinos.
There is nothing unusual about the strategy used by the school district. In my study of the ongoing H-1B racket, I've seen it many times. The script goes like this: First employers decide to replace their American workers with H-1Bs. So they announce there's a shortage. Then, shortly after the first wave of H-1Bs report to work, they start firing Americans. You would think that, nearly 20 years of the start of the H-1B program, newspapers and unions would figure the script out. But they never do. They are usually dumbfounded wh
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