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Protecting Illinois Jobs, Stopping Asian Carp!

As you may have heard, there is concern Asian carp are making their way eastward along the waterways towards Lake Michigan. Asian carp can grow to be over 100 pounds and eat much of the food on which other fish depend. In order to stop the spread of carp, we've placed electric barriers on the waterway just outside our district, and I've fought for legislation that would provide funds for another barrier to be built.
However, legislators in Michigan would like to see the locks that help maintain water flow in the Illinois waterways closed off, meaning barges could no longer move through the waterways from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi. This would put thousands of Illinois jobs in jeopardy.

We should continue to protect the Great Lakes from these invasive species, but we must do so in a way that is balanced and protects the jobs that sustain many Illinois families.
Download entire newsletter from Illinois 11th District Congresswoman Debbie Halverson in PDF format.

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