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The Trade Reform,Development, Accountability and Employment (TRADE) Act - H.R. 3012.

We, the undersigned organizations, write to reiterate our requests that you cosponsor the Trade Reform,
Development, Accountability and Employment (TRADE) Act - H.R. 3012. As you are aware, past trade deals like NAFTA have failed. Unfair trade has hurt working families, devastated the environment, bankrupted family farmers, exposed consumers to unsafe food, toys and other products, stifled economic development in poorer countries, and undermined our democratic laws by subjecting them to extraconstitutional tribunals. The majority of Americans reject this failed approach to global economic engagement.The TRADE Act paves the path forward towards a fair trade model we can all support.
Organizations as diverse as ours all agree that the TRADE Act is our best hope to create sustainable global
economy that benefits the majority of people and respects the environment. Opponents of change who have
benefited from the damages inflicted by unfair trade, like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, have sought to
undermine t

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