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DoD Eases Security Rules For Foreign Workers!

"The Department of Defense (DoD) is making revolutionary changes to the security guidelines for foreigners working on high-security contracts. At risk: national security—and American workers. Soon, rules will be loosened for foreign scientists and engineers. As a result, foreigners won't have to meet many of the security requirements that have been in place for decades. These radical procedural changes are implemented administratively by bureaucrats who operate outside of the public eye and beyond the purview of Congress.You can send our own comments on the policy proposal no later than October 13, 2006, by going to the portal. At that website you can click an icon to send a comment and there is another for reading comments. You can also send an e-mail but be sure to (include "DFARS Case 2004-D010" in the subject line). The portal page also gives options for fax, mail, or hand delivering. Last year DFARS answered all of the comments so your input will definitely be considered." Download PDF fi

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