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CWA President Larry Cohen Pledges His Super Delegate Vote to Senator Barack Obama !

"For your information, attached is a press statement that I am releasing today, as a Democratic super delegate, announcing my personal endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.
This is an individual endorsement; CWA has not yet taken an official position on the race. As most of you know, Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Easterling, who is also a Democratic super delegate, earlier pledged her support for Senator Hillary Clinton. We will put the issue of a national endorsement by CWA to delegates at our convention next month. Following our online political poll last fall, which showed our members divided in their support among several candidates, CWA's Executive Board encouraged locals to get actively involved in the political process in support of the candidate of their choice. That remains the Board's policy.: Signed by Larry Cohen. Download statement issued today in PDF format.
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