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Bogus Cisco Job Ad Is Bad Timing For Fragomen Law Firm

"As we all know, employers run bogus job ads so that they can legally reject all qualified Americans who apply. It's all part of the labor certification game that is designed to give employers everything they need to discriminate against higher priced U.S. workers.

It's been business-as-usual in the cheap labor business until an engineer named David Huber applied for a network engineer position at Cisco Systems in response to a job advertisement in the Chicago Tribune newspaper. Cisco never intended on hiring a U.S. citizen so they sent all resumes to an employee of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP. The problem for Cisco and Fragomen is that they bungled the job ad because it included the employee's name. Big, big, mistake!

To see the job ad and to understand why it's causing such a stir, go to this web page:" Download Rob Sanchez JobDestruction Newsletter in PDF format.

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