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MORE: On The Recovery School District In New Orleans

As explained in the previous newsletter, the Recovery School District in
the New Orleans, Louisiana area has been hiring H-1B school teachers from
the Philippines. The school district used a third party bodyshop called
Universal Placement International (UPI) to import teachers by using H-1B

On October 1, 2009 the Louisiana Federation of Teachers (LFT) and the
American Federation of Teachers (AFT) filed complaints to the Louisiana
Workforce Commission and the Louisiana Attorney General against UPI. They
allege that UPI engaged in illegal practices in order to defraud the
Filipino teachers.

This newsletter goes one step further by presenting convincing evidence
that the schools have been using H-1B to replace their older American
teachers. Download this excellent investigative report by Rob Sanchez, JobDestruction Newsletter in PDF format. This is a MUST read.

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