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Co-Sponsor and Pass S.887 The H-1B & L-1 Reform Act, Sponsored By Senators Durbin (D-IL and Grassley (R-IA) and The Companion Bill In The House, HR. 5397.

For 20 years now, Americans have been denied the opportunity to fairly compete for jobs which we are qualified for in our own country due to unfair guest worker programs and immigration lawyers that "game" the green card system. It's time to play fair now. We've got an over abundance of experienced tech professionals and an oversupply of new science & technology graduates whom we have paid dearly to educate. Congress must reform guest worker programs that discriminate against American talent, facilitate the offshoring of top-dollar white collar jobs, force us to train our foreign replacements, and displace us from our jobs in favor of foreign citizens. Click MORE below to TAKE ACTION Today!

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