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H-1B Visas

ITPAA Grants "Weasel Award" To Harris Miller!

The Information Technology Professionals Association of America (ITPAA), a high-tech advocacy group based in Wilmington, Delaware has handed out its first Weasel Award of 2006 to S...

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UK Firms To Drive Offshore Outsourcing Boom

China still has a long way to catch up before it can compete with India in the offshore outsourcing market because of its lack of English language skills. Sawhney said: "Going forw...

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Have Skills, Will Travel!

David Huber, who calls himself "an American citizen and an engineer whose life has been devastated by that program," gave moving testimony against H-1B visas on March 30 to a House...

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Are H-1B Visas a Cog in the Offshoring Machine?

A consultant who has analyzed reams of government data says the H-1B visa program is not only being used to undercut the salaries of American computer programmers, it's also part o...

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Download Senator Obama's response to my letter regarding increases to the H-1B Caps, in PDF format....

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CWA Fighting for H-1B Limits to Save American Jobs!

Courtney said he found that few people understand the facts. "Is there really a worker shortage? That argument works because the high-tech industry, in the person of Bill Gates, ru...

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David Huber, Before The House Judiciary Committee

"Mr. Chairman and distinguished members of the House Judiciary Committee?s Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims, my name is David Huber and I am an Information T...

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Government Action on Offshoring?

Two years ago, the U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration (TA) arm undertook a high-level study on the impact of offshore outsourcing to the U.S. economy and to Am...

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New GAO Report: Offshoring in Six Human Services Programs, Offshoring Occurs in 43 of the 50 States!

As states and the federal government have sought to streamline and improve administrative processes and take advantage of technological advances, both have outsourced certain funct...

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U.S. Economic Future Is Endangered!

"But the third leg ? economic ? has been fractured since the Cold War. We intentionally gave up our production and market to defeat communism. Instead of repairing the fracture at ...

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