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H-1B Visas

Letter To Senator Durbin Regarding H-1B Visas!

The h1-B hiring program circumvents Equal Opportunity laws. It allows companies to narrow the applicant pool for 85,000 job openings to only citizens from abroad each year. The p...

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President Bush Calls For MORE H-1B Visas!

It sure didn't take long after Bush did his State of the Union message to come out swinging for more H-1B visas. Bush thinks that there aren't enough bright Americans to fill the a...

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Global Economy Complicates Outsourcing!

"The fundamental issue has always been employment security," said Charles Bofferding, executive director of the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace. "Outsour...

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Outsourcing Here To Stay?

BANGALORE: What better proof about the acceptance of outsourcing as a business model than the India visit of John Kerry, the US presidential candidate for 2004, whose poll plank wa...

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High-Tech Workers Feel Betrayed By Visa Hires!

Two U.S. representatives from North Jersey said last week that they have taken up the cause of the displaced American workers with legislation that would close loopholes in the vis...

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Security Conference Focuses on Collaboration!

ORLANDO -- All oars went into the water this week at the inaugural Homeland Security for Networked Industries conference in Orlando, Fla., as representatives from the government, c...

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Department of Labor Agrees to Provide Required Job Training to Workers Whose Jobs Were Outsourced

WASHINGTON, D.C. ? A federal judge in El Paso has entered an order ending a lawsuit filed by Spanish-speaking workers who lost their jobs in the wake of NAFTA and sued the U.S. Dep...

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CIGNA Offshoring 109 U.S. Jobs To Philippines!

CIGNA HealthCare said Friday it will lay off 109 service employees nationwide, including 56 in Bloomfield, as it outsources the work offshore, another expense-cutting move in the c...

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Engineering: Is The U.S. Really Falling?

Vivek Wadhwa, a founder of several tech startups and an occasional contributor to BusinessWeek Online who's now an executive in residence at Duke University says he got so disturbe...

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Framing The Engineering Outsourcing Debate!

Vitek Wadhwa, Executive in Residence and Adjunct Professor, Master of Engineering Management Program, Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University authored this report as part of a...

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