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Kids Dial India For On-Line Tutoring!

Twice a week, 14-year-old Princeton John sits in front of the computer in his Glenview home, puts on a headset and gets ready for an hourlong tutoring session. What's different com...

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Global Economy Shafting U.S. Worker! By: Jesse Jackson

Democrats aren't much better. They talk about education as the answer, but say little about the fact that college education is getting priced out of the reach of working families, ...

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Immigration Raid Nabs 36 Illegals at Cree Inc.

All but 10 of those arrested were employed by a maintenance and cafeteria services subcontractor, GCA Services Group of West Conshohocken, Pa.The others included professionals who ...

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Did Bush Political Hacks Cover-Up Overdue Commerce Dept. Offshore Outsourcing Report?

The Commerce Department has responded to a half-year-old request by Manufacturing and Technology News for the release a long-awaited study on the issue of "offshore outsourcing" of...

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Education Isn't The Only Solution For Jobs!

Let's renew our commitment to investing in education. But let's also take action to preserve good jobs, and make sure that the jobs left over after globalization pay enough and hav...

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Wal-Mart's Giant Sucking Sound By: Leo Hindery Jr.

It is beyond time for all Americans to wake up from this nightmare and support those companies --- Costco, for example --- that believe that companies and their CEOs have as much r...

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Enforcement Against Illegal Aliens Is Totally Ignored!

The agency charged with interior immigration enforcement all but ignores going after illegal aliens in the workplace, the Government Accountability Office said in a report released...

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India's High-Tech Workers Resist Unions!

Money can be a powerful lure in India, where per capita income hovers around $500 a year and most people make much less toiling in dusty fields or on steaming city streets. Call ce...

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Financial Services Offshoring To Double In 3 Years!

Financial-services firms are expected to double the number of jobs located offshore within the next three years as they attempt to reap cost savings, according to a survey released...

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09/08/05 Texas HHSC Awards $899M Contract To Accenture

The Texas health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) awarded an $899 million contract to the Bermuda based Accenture and its SUBCONTRACTORS to operate call centers that will repla...

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