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"India's Untold Story" By: Manjeet Kripalani

"Poverty is still a scourge in India. At least 200 million people earn less than $1 a day, when they can find work."... "Mahale owns the largest house in the village of Kharonda: a...

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Bring Back American Jobs and Technology!

During the last decade, a hot topic in Japan and America has been the "hollowing out" of their industrial bases. The share of Japanese-owned productive capacity located abroad has ...

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Intuit Opening Development Center in Bangalore!

Intuit Inc. is setting up a product development center in Bangalore, India, to take advantage of local programming talent and develop new product initiatives, the company announced...

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Infosys To Put $65 Million Into China!

-- India's leading software company, Infosys Technologies Ltd., said Thursday it will pump in US$65 million (euro53 million) and 6,000 new software engineers over the next five yea...

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American Workers Fall in The War of The Wages!

"U.S. workers have lost hundreds of thousands of jobs to countries with cheaper wages as technological change makes it easier for corporations to manage a multinational work force....

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CAFTA Is A Mistake Repeated!

"We need to negotiate provisions for worker rights and the environment into these deals or expect to see continued outsourcing and offshoring. It would be insane to expect anthing ...

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CAFTA vote Outs "Bush Democrats!"

"The Bush Democrats, MELISSA BEAN OF ILLINOIS, Jim Cooper of Tennessee, Henry Cuellar of Texas, Norm nDicks of Washington, Ruben Hinojosa of Texas, William Jefferson of Louisiana, ...

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Tata Plans Landmark India-Pakistan Deal!

"India's biggest software exporter plans to open a training center in Pakistan this fall, venturing across a heavily guarded border to launch the first formal joint venture between...

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Tata's VSNL Buys Teleglobe Global Network!

"India plans to become a global knowledge hub, with a central place in the transnational movement of knowledge services, according to the country's minister of commerce and industr...

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China-Mart Takes Over! By: Paul Craig Roberts

"What US corporations and the free trade economists overlook is that giving Americans' jobs to foreigners raises foreign incomes and lowers American incomes." Download complete art...

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