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H-1B Visas

"Specialty Worker Protection Act of 2005!

The Programmers Guild urges Congress to create a visa category to attract the "best and brightest" foreign EMPLOYERS to the United States, on the condition that they EXCLUSIVELY HI...

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India Demands 195,000 H-1B U.S. Visas!

"In a move that has significance for Indian professionals seeking work in the U.S., the Indian government has made a formal proposal to the WTO DEMANDING that the yearly quota of H...

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"Bush Proposal" Increases Illegal Immigration!

"The administration is playing politics with border security data..." said Congressman Tom Tancredo. "It is crucial that the American people know that their government is not letti...

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Damaged Cable Disrupts Service To India & Pakistan!

There have been conflicting reports on the expected duration of the service disruptions caused by the damaged cable. The Press Trust of India, Reuters and Xinhua all reported that ...

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"Career Destruction Factories"By: Gene Nelson

Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D., has been active in high-tech workforce issues for about two decades. He can be reached at Download his excellent historical perspective...

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"New Era" On Defense For India and U.S.!

A statement signed by India's defense minister, Pranab Mukherjee, and the U.S. defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, in Washington on Tuesday night said that the United States and In...

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"Second Wave" of Offshore Outsourcing of U.S. Jobs!

This paper is by Cynthia Kroll, University of California, Berkley. It addresses the impacts of offshore outsourcing on Business Services and IT at the State and Metropolitan level....

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Population Database Will Move To India!

A database containing details of every birth, marriage and death in England and Wales since 1837, all 250 Million of them, is to be transferred to India in one of the biggest offsh...

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***"America's Work Force" Radio Interview of Steve Tisza!***

On Thursday morning, June 16, 2005, thanks to CWA District 4 Vice President Jeff Rechenbach, I was interviewed by talk-show host Ed "Flash" Ferenc to discuss my recent trip to Indi...

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Next, It'll Be Engineering Outsourcing!

"Predicting that engineering services would power the next wave of outsourcing to India, NASSCOM (National Association Of Software Services Companies) Monday initiated a series of ...

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