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Illegal Aliens Working In Nuclear Weapons Plant!

Sixteen foreign-born construction workers with phony immigration documents were able to enter an Oak Ridge nuclear weapons plant because of lax security controls, a federal report ...

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Need A Tutor?, Call India!

If you think that outsourcing is there only in the high-tech industry, think again. Now the outsourcing of educational especially tutorial services is a rising business. Download c...

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The World For Older IT Pros Is In Flux!

"Jobs have never felt so precarious, and retirement looks very different. The easy answers, such as training, aren't so easy." Download entire article from Information Week by Mari...

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U.S. Offshoring of Personal Data Grows!

"For example, AT$T's switched network carries economic, financial and miltary communications, which accounts for a great deal of the foundation of U.S. infrastructure, and relies o...

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Rob Sanchez Rebutal To AFL-CIO Response to McKennedy Bill S 1033!

"John Sweeney and the AFL-CIO endorsed the bill we euphemistically call the McKennedy or McCainedy Bill." Download entire text of Rob Sanchez' Updated Job Destruction Newsletter No...

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CWA Trip Puts Human Face on Global Outsourcing!

The following pieces were written by CWA members Steve Tisza and Beverly Hicks following a trip to three cities in India to visit call centers and their workers employed by U.S. bu...

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French-Fried Friedman, Nouvelle Globalizer!

Vicente Fox got a well-deserved boot in the derriere for saying Mexicans come to America for taking jobs "not even Blacks want to do." But Thomas Friedman earns plaudits and Pulitz...

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Outsourcing America!

A new book, by Ron & Anil Hira, sounds the alarm on behalf of workers. The authors maintain that unless something is done, they fear for our future. "We are concerned about whethe...

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McKennedy Guest/Worker to Amnesty Bill - S.1033!

"Senators McCain and Kennedy have introduced to the Senate the largest guest-worker bill in the history of mankind called S. 1033, or the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act...

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"Design" Set To Join Offshoring Bandwagon!

"There's a new sector looking to join the outsourcing club." Download complete story, in PDF format. ...

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