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"CFIUS" Approves Tata/VSNL Cable Purchase!

Over strong objections of three (3) Republican U.S. Senators who called the undersea cable a "strategic asset of incalcuable value to United States Security AND commercial interest...

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A Healthy Fear of China!

"Consider it a sign of the times that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chose to begin his trip to India last Saturday with a visit to the high-tech haven of Bangalore before traveling to...

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China Premier Visits Bangalore, India's Software Hub!

China, whose exports in software and back-office industry total less than a fifth of India's $16 billion, is boosting English-language skills in schools to help mount a challenge t...

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United States Opening Doors To India!

A deal between the United States and India could make it easier to travel between the two countries AND OUTSOURCE MORE JOBS. Condoleezza Rice traveled to India to meet with that co...

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Citibank Fraud, 12 Indian Workers Arrested!

Outsourcing of call center and other business processes from the USA to India has been criticized by U.S. labor unions and others, which say members are losing jobs as a result of ...

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Is Protectionism Racism? By: Patrick J. Buchanan

"If economic professors are so fanatic about free trade, why not eliminate their tenure and import English-speaking economics professors from India at half the pay?" Download compl...

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Job Drought Continues! By: Paul Craig Roberts

"A country that permits its manufacturing and its technical and scientific professions to wither away is a country on a path to the Third World. The mark of a Third World country i...

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It's A Flat World, After All! By: Thomas L. Friedman

"When I was growing up, my parents used to say to me, "Tom, finish your dinner, people in China are starving." But after sailing to the edges of the flat world for a year, I am now...

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Most Temporary Work Visas Go To IT Workers!

Steve Lamb, vice president of technology at NetComm Solutions Inc. in Mechanicsburg, said his company doesn't have employees on temporary work visas. "I will tell you that there is...

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Organizing India's IT Workers!

The Union Network International (UNI)is working to bring Indian call center workers together. The UNI-led staff association is already functioning in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Their...

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