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Dell Inc. Opens Third Call-Center in India!

Dell Inc., the world's largest personal computer maker, said Monday it would push deeper into low-cost countries by hiring 1,200 staff for another call center in India. Dell curren...

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New Jersey Outsourcing Bill Passes State Assembly!

Thanks to the persistence and determination of New Jersey State Senator, Shirley K. Turner, her legislation S494 was passed by the State Assembly on Monday, March 14, 2005 by a vot...

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Tell AT$T: Don't Turn Your Back On Us!

Right now, AT$T is planning to eliminate over 1,000 U.S. customer service jobs. The layoffs could hit by the end of the month, unless AT$T realizes that it's wrong to hand out work...

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Offshoring A Major Cause of U.S. IT Unemployment!

The data supports the IEEE-USA contention that offshoring not only contributes significantly to U.S. high-tech unemployment, but also suppresses wages. Download complete article a...

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Great American Job Sellout! By: Paul Craig Roberts

"Economists give assurances that the dollar's decline and fall will bring jobs and industry back to the U.S. Once Americans are as poor as Indians and Chinese are today, the proces...

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America's Has-been Economy!By: Paul Craig Roberts

"Free market" economists and U.S. politicians are blind to the rapid transformation of America into a third world economy, but college bound American students and heads of enginee...

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Computech, Inc Willfully Violates H-1B Visa Law!

The Labor Department alleges that Computech, Inc. brought non-immigrant H-1B workers into the U.S., but failed to pay them the required wage rate. Download complete story in PDF fo...

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Illegal Alien Painters Working in Florida Power Plant!

"Illegal aliens using false Social Security numbers were able to enter and work as contract painters at a power plant in Florida, including work near one nuclear reactor." Governor...

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Illegal Immigrant Airline Mechanics Arrested in North Carolina!

Immigrants taken into custody had a "plethora" of worrisome documents as varied as federal airplane-repair licenses, fraudulent Social Security documents, counterfeit green cards a...

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Mc Donald's Outsourcing Drive-Thru Ordertakers!

Mc Donald's Corp., the world's largest restaurant chain, is testing the use of remote call centers to handle drive-thru orders in an effort to improve service. Download complete ar...

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