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India's Outsourcing Hub A Terrorist Target?

Bangalore is starting to appear on the radar of militant groups, Indian police warned this weekend, after uncovering a terrorist plan to target IT companies in the city widely rega...

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Lucent Sending 150 More American Jobs To India!

The work done at the two sites will be sent to Lucent's Bangalore, India facility. Dick Muldoon, a Lucent spokesman, said the decision is "primarily a cost advantage move." Downloa...

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The Digital Call-Center Agent!

Are "mature" speech recognition technologies a threat to call center agents? Download analyses of the issue by Srikanth R P in PDF format....

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ITPAA Weasel Award To Hillary Rodham Clinton!

The Information Technology Professionals Association of America (ITPAA), an advocacy group based in Wilmington, Delaware representing professionals in the high-tech field has hande...

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Infosys Plans New Bangalore Campus!

"Infosys Technologies Ltd., India's No. 2 software services exporter, is planning a new campus in bangalore as it hires by the thousands to feed an outsourcing boom, officials said...

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CWA Visit to India: Report By Steve Tisza, President Local 4250

The following report consists of my findings and observations during a historic visit to India sponsored by the AFL-CIO American Center for International Labor Solidarity Center an...

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CWA Visit To India: Report By Beverly Hicks, AAVP CWA District 3

"Due to ice and snow in Atlanta, Georgia, my visit started one day late. I arrived in Mumbai (Bombay) on Tuesday, February 1st, around midnight and could not believe the hundreds o...

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English Translation of Guide For Illegal Migrants!

UPDATED TO INCLUDE THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE GUIDE BOOK "This is so transparent, this is the Mexican government trying to protect its most valuable export, which is illegal mi...

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Two U.S. Senators From New Delhi!

"Are Senators Christopher Dodd and Joseph Lieberman representing New London and New Canaan, Connecticut. Or are they representing New Delhi?" Download complete article by Paul Stre...

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India & China Forge Closer Software Alliances!

"The Chinese and Indian software industries are forging closer ties, as the world's two most populous countries become favoured offshore software outsourcing destinations." Downloa...

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