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Abuse Comes With Call-Center Job

"Many young Indian call center operators are suffering from stress because of the abuse received from American customers angry about outsourced jobs." Download complete story from ...

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America's Superpower Status Coming To An End!

"The U.S. economy is headed toward crisis, and the political leadership of the country, if it can be called leadership, is preoccupied with nonexistant weapons of mass destruction ...

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Immigrant Labor No Benefit To American Workers!

"The net effect of immigration to the United States is a drain on U.S. native workers of about $70 billion per year, according to a new study by two Columbia University professors ...

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CWA Protests AT$T Offshoring Marietta,Ga. Call Center Jobs!

"Managers from this location were sent to the Philippines and India last year to train and help open offshore call centers." said Roy Hegenbart, President of CWA Local 3250, which ...

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"Experts" Warn of Cyber-Attacks in The USA!

"No single federal entity, however well-funded, however well-organized, can successfully protect our nation's vast financial networks and critical infrastructure on its own. We dep...

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Illinois Governor Signs Offshore Outsourcing Law

"In an effort to curb the practice of outsourcing domestic jobs overseas, Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed Senate Bill 2375, requiring companies bidding for state business to certify wh...

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CWA Members Leaflet AT$T Pebble Beach Golf Classic To Expose AT$T's Outsourcing of American Jobs!

"We began yelling "Hey Dave, we're your fan club." Local 9423 President Louis Rocha said. He looked and waved, then we started yelling "Bring our jobs back from India and stop cutt...

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2005 World Outsourcing Summit Outlaws U.S. Press!

The 2005 World Outsourcing Summit, to be held at the Hotel Coronado in San Diego, Ca., has said journalists are not welcome. A fear of bad publicity has prompted a global conferenc...

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Government Policy Encourages Offshore Outsourcing!

Canada's Minister of International Trade, Jim Peterson, recently told a gathering of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters; "Business should feel free to send work offshore to where...

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Preliminary Report On CWA Trip to India!

"Perhaps, when the first job of a CEO of an American corporation is outsourced offshore, the US government and corporate America will come to the table to address this issue in a p...

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