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5-Year Bangalore Infrastructure Plan?

"Though the Bangalore Infrastructure Plan gives a rosy picture of what the city was projected to look like in 2005, the ground reality is quite the contrary." Download article (PDF...

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2020 Vision, US Declining As A Superpower!

A CIA report predicts that American global dominance could end in 15 years. Download complete article in PDF format....

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"Bumpy" New World Foreseen By CIA Group!

"How we mentally map the world of 2020 will change radically," said the National Intelligence Council(NIC) chairman Robert Hutchings at the release of his panel's NEW report, PROJE...

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Outsourcing The Law!: By Karl Schoenberger

"For a bargain hourly rate as low as $60 (compared with $350 at the low end of the typical U.S. scale), Dhir's Atlas Legal Research can study legal precedents in state law to craft...

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Pssst! They're Listening When You're On Hold

Monitoring is intended to track the performance of call center operators, but the professional snoops are inadvertently monitoring callers too. Most callers do not realize that the...

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Convergys To Triple Asian Workforce!

Convergys officials said they plan to nearly triple their Asian-based workforce by the end of 2005. Download complete news article in PDF format...

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Outsourcing The American Dream! By: Morton Bahr

Almost every segment of CWA's membership is potentially vulnerable to losing jobs to "global free trade." Opinion article printed in the January 2005 issue of the CWANews by CWA Pr...

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Coming To Terms With SBC! By: David Lazarus

Millions of SBC Yahoo Internet customers received e-mails this week alerting them to changes in their contract, including "legal and billing-related issues." A link from the e-mail...

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The H-1B Rip Off! By: John Miano

This report examines the wage data in Labor Department records for Fiscal Year 2004. It compares wages in approved Labor Condition Applications (LCAs) for H-1B workers in computer ...

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Maytag Moves Galesburg, Ill. Jobs To Mexico!

Aaron Kemp, a 31 year-old union safety and education official, said; "It's exploitation of the many for the benefit of the few." "Sometimes there's a fine line between what's legal...

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