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Bush Re-Election Casts Gloom Over World!

However, in India, the world's largest democracy, Bush's victory was seen as good for business. Raja Mohan, a professor of South Asian studies at Jawaharal Nehru University in New ...

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Concerned About Jobs Moving Overseas?

LISTEN TO OUR "NEW AD"!! CWA members know that offshoring of jobs is a huge national problem. That's why we've created another radio ad to draw attention to the issue. CLICK to lis...

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CWA Protests AT$T Job Cuts & Outsourcing!

CWA members set up informational picket lines in more than a dozen communities to protest new layoffs announced by AT$T and to remind the public that AT$T is determined to abandon ...

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Kerry's Plan To Keep High-Paying Jobs In America!

"America confronts a new competitive challenge. The very sectors that drove the American boom of the 1990s are now being threatened by offshore outsourcing. Outsourcing is not just...

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Please read the attached (PDF) correspondence to Dave Dorman and John Polumbo from Dan Foster of the West Virginia House of Delegates; a response from AT$T's David P. Condit, Vice ...

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Letter To AT$T Division Manager Monica Tufts

Download a letter (PDF File) from CWA Local 1153 Steward Bonnie Hanna to AT$T Division Manager, Monica Tufts, in White Plains, New York. Bonnie and her husband Henry, Vice Presiden...

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The Greedy Dozen! - Who's Who of Outsourcing!

Check out"The Greedy Dozen!" That's the latest list of the top twelve U.S. corporate executives who are sending workers' jobs overseas while getting big tax breaks and supporting t...

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Our Pain, Their Gain! By: Hugh R Morley

Download article on jobs being offshored and its affects on working families in PDF format...

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Request For AT$T Personnel Training Records!

I strongly urge all current "surplus at-risk" members of Local 4250 to immediately submit a written request to your AT$T manager to inspect your personnel records. Download notice ...

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AT$T and CWA Spar Over Job Cuts & Outsourcing!

CWA leaders and AT$T exchanged sharp jabs tuesday over job cuts. Download complete article in PDF format....

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