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9/18/04- GE Plans To Sell Call-Center Unit Based In India

"The move by GE, which declined to comment, comes at a time when outsourcing by U.S. companies is accelerating and the industry is consolidating in India, Giving GE an opportunity ...

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9/17/04- Convergys Cited As "Job Exporter"

Cincinnati-based Convergys Corp., which has created thousands of jobs in India and the Philippines in the last two years, will be one of Greater Cincinnati companies singled out to...

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9/15/04- Cook County Board Member, Larry Suffredin, To Propose Offshoring Ordinance!

The Honorable Larry Suffredin, Cook County Commissioner, will introduce an amendment to the Cook County Contracting and Purchasing Ordinance to assure that work performed on Cook C...

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9/14/04- 400,000 High-Tech Jobs Lost To Offshore Outsourcing!

A new report by the Center for Urban Economic Development at the University of Illinois, Chicago, shows that U.S. high-technology workers are still facing chronic unemployment and ...

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9/13/04- U. S. Workers Face Job Drain!

"They keep saying there's more jobs, but what? McDonald's? Wal-Mart? All the good jobs are going overseas." Download complete story in PDF format....

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9/11/04- Five Jobs Bills Put Heat on Schwarzenegger!

The five bills, awaiting his signature or veto by September 30th, seek to ban or restrict the outsourcing of jobs from California to countries like India. Download complete story i...

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9/10/04- New Jersey Governor Targets Offshore Outsourcing!

"With the threat of more companies outsourcing their work to add to their bottom line, it is our responsibility to protect our jobs from going overseas," Governor McGreevey said at...

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9/07/04- Bush Wants More Tax Breaks For Offshoring U.S. Jobs!

John Kerry and John Edwards have a plan to END TAX BREAKS for companies that ship jobs overseas. Download differences in Kerry and Bush plans on outsourcing in PDF format....

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9/06/04- Kerry Vs. Bush - Clear Differences On The Issues!

How you vote is a personal decision. No union can tell you how to vote. However, CWA Local 4250 urges you to learn where the candidates stand on issues important to working familie...

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8/27/04- California Law To Protect Consumer Data Overseas!

"This bill should be a model of how a state can deal with outsourcing," said State Senator Liz Figueroa, D- Fremont, CA. Download complete article in PDF format....

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