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8/25/04- Push For Free Trade? - Bush Answers YES!

Robert Zoellick is the Bush administration's trade representative, and his continued pursuit of free trade amid all the political pressure to move in the opposite direction is one ...

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8/24/04- Border Patrol and Immigration Officers Need Tools & Training

Most front-line border protection personnel do not believe they have the tools to fight terrorism, according to a survey of Border Patrol agents and Customs and Border protection i...

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8/24/04- California State Senate Passes Outsourcing Ban Bill!

"If the amendments are accepted by the Assembly, as expected, it will go to the governor's desk (Schwarzenegger) where it faces a more uncertain fate." Download complete article fr...

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8/23/04- Frederick Company Fires Employee Who Taunted Bush!

Glenn Hiller said he was motivated by how Bush is "pulverizing" society and making people believe "that if somebody disagrees with you, they are bad." "It's a completely scripted s...

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8/23/04- Chicago Unity Rally To Re-Defeat Bush!

Techsunite/Illinois, a project of CWA Local 4250 and Washtech, will join the Chicago Unity Rally on Sunday, August 29, 2004 @ 2PM at the Federal Plaza at the corner of Dearborn & A...

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8/21/04- Outsourcing and Patriotism! By: Bill Moyers NOW

In the event you missed Bill Moyers interview of CNN's Lou Dobbs on PBS NOW last night, the following is the entire interview in PDF format....

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8/18/04- The Jobs Question! By: Paul Craig Roberts

"Charles McMillion's monthly reports (MBG Information Services) based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics payroll data show that job growth during the current recovery is concentrate...

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8/18/04- Financial Firms Hasten Their Move to Outsourcing!

A recent report, "Offshoring, A Detour Along The Automation Highway," estimates that potentially 2.3 million American jobs in the banking and securities indudtries could be lost to...

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8/16/04- Bush's Record on Offshore Outsourcing!

Instead of creating new jobs and championing the interests of America's workers, the Bush administration actively supports policies that raise the nation's record trade deficits, s...

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8/15/04- Tiers of No Joy!

"Michigan is the poster child for this social and economic disease caused by multitier wage structures, wage reductions and outsourcing. These agreements benefit a few at the expen...

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