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H-1B Visas

8/15/04- "A Heavier Burden", From: Newsweek International

"General Electric's "70-70-70" plan signals the possible extent of these shifts. It plans to outsource 70 percent of its head count, push 70 percent of that outsourcing offshore an...

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8/13/04- Bush/Cheney Outsource Campaign Merchandise!

George W. Bush and his administration have made it clear they don't think outsourcing is a problem. Download complete news article in PDF format....

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8/12/04- CWA/TNG Fighting Offshoring Reuters Editorial Jobs!

CWA Newspaper Guild leaders said they will challenge Reuters management's plan to expand the Bangalore, India editorial unit from a fledging operation covering U.S. companies too s...

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8/11/04- "Open Letter" to Presidential Candidate John Kerry!

Download a letter to Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry from nine (9) Ohio white collar "knowledge age" American workers directly affected by offshore outsourcing and/or ...

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8/09/04- All Quiet On The Jobs Front!

"Those giving assurances that America is benefiting from globalism are missing the big picture. Globalism is reshaping the U.S. labor force, giving the work force a third world pro...

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8/06/04- Brain Drain in Tech's Future? By: Ed Frauenheim

"H-1B visas have fueled the shift of technology work overseas," says Ron Hira, Rochester Institute of Technology public policy professor. He suspects anxiety over science and engi...

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8/06/04- Indian Americans Divided - Kerry or Bush!

"One of the ways to limit outsourcing is that Kerry will work to push back UP HIGH the H-1 visas that have been reduced to half of what they were." Download complete article from S...

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8/05/04- Intellectual Property Theft in India R&D Center!

Less than three months after opening a new development center in India, Jolly Technologies battles intellectual property thiefs and the Indian legal system. Download complete artic...

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8/04/04- Many New Jersey Jobs Vulnerable To Offshoring!

"One of every eight jobs in New Jersey is potentially vulnerable to being lost in the current wave of employers sending service jobs overseas, with office, computer and math jobs m...

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8/01/04- American Workers Paying Price of Offshoring!

"American workers are encountering a harsh truth about how they earn a living. Old expectations about safe careers, the best opportunities and steadily rising incomes are being sha...

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