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Agreement Between CWA and AT$T on National Health Care Reform

To: All AT&T Local Officers and Members Please find attached the letter of agreement between CWA and AT&T on National Health Care Reform. This letter resulted as an offsho...

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"Showdown In Chicago" Tuesday, October 27, 2009!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! IF YOU ARE ABLE - PLEASE join us outside the American Bankers Association convention to demand common sense financial reform that helps us rebuild ...

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CWA: FCC Rulemaking on Open Internet Should Support Investment in Networks, Job Creation

The Communications Workers of America has called on the Federal Communications Commission to ensure that its rulemaking process and discussions on how to preserve a free and open I...

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CWA's Bottom Line: Real Health Care Reform, No Tax on Benefits

The health care bill that passed the Senate Finance Committee this week would be a disaster for working families and retirees. CWA is continuing to work with the Obama administrati...

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SC Site of Bloody Labor Strike Violence Crumbles

HONEA PATH, S.C. (AP) - All that remains of the abandoned South Carolina textile mill that was the site of the deadliest violence during a national labor strike 75 years ago are cr...

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09/30/09 - Afraid of Socialized Medicine

This was written by Al Mumm, the Vice President of the Nebraska Alliance for Retired Americans and the ex-President of Installation CWA Local 7290. Download opinion article in PDF ...

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Selective Deficit Disorder: By David Sirota

Watching the health care debate unfold these days is a little like watching scenes from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" - the ones showing a collage of strung-out, deranged or ot...

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AFL-CIO Delegates Elect Trumka, Shuler and Holt Baker

Yesterday was a great day at the 2009 AFL-CIO Convention: Delegates elected a historic ticket. Our new President Richard Trumka will be joined in leadership by two women, Secretary...

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Obama: We Need Strong Unions For a Strong Economy

President Barack Obama had a strong, inspiring message for delegates to the 2009 AFL-CIO Convention: We're going to make this country work again. In a speech punctuated by chants a...

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Labor Day 2009- "Young Workers: A Lost Decade"

This Labor Day weekend, we are taking a moment to reflect on the future of America's working men of women. Young workers today have lower-paying jobs than they did 10 years ago -th...

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