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Legislative and Political Action

Employment Down Among Natives In Georgia

Some businesses in Georgia argue that they need large numbers of immigrants because there are not enough native-born Americans to fill jobs that require relatively little education...

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Cable Competition Bill Passes Illinois Senate !

The Illinois State Senate on Tuesday voted 54-0 for the bill, which the House earlier approved, 113-0. Download complete story and IBEW Local 21 Press Release in PDF format....

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Debate on Employee Free Choice Act Begins June 18

FIVE MINUTES -That's all we're asking. You need to take 5 minutes and make two phone calls, one to each of your Senators to tell them we need a vote on the Senate floor on the Emp...

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With your help, this bill passed in the U.S. House on a vote of 241-185. Now we need your help to get it through the U.S. Senate. Tell your senators to support the Employee Free Ch...

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70th Anniversary of Memorial Day Massacre of 1937!

Ten demonstrators were killed by police bullets during the "Little Steel Strike" of 1937. When several smaller steelmakers, including Republic Steel, refused to follow the lead of ...

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Veterans to Congress: Secure Our Borders Now!

"The nation's largest veterans organization is calling on Congress to reject proposed legislation that would grant fast track citizenship or amnesty to the 12 million -20 million i...

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Hey Rush, Here's a Little Back At Ya!

"Rush Limbaugh is the master of the preemptive strike. Sometimes when Limbaugh says something controversial, he'll immediately launch into a bit about how the "drive-by media" will...

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Illinois Largest Telecom Union Supports HB 1500!

"Over 500 telecom workers converged on the State Capitol on Tuesday, April 24, 2007, to gain support for Illinois House Bill 1500. Traveling from every corner of Illinois, members ...

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Senator Feingold's Bill Would End Bush's War In Iraq!

"The President says he will veto legislation already passed by the Senate that both funds the troops and responds to Americans demands for an end to the Iraq war, Feingold said. Si...

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"It's high time the Bush Administration quit ignoring the overwhelming public opposition to this war. While similar measures have passed in scores of cities across the country, Cal...

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