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Legislative and Political Action

Iraq Disaster Finally Caught Up With Bush!

"The new Democratic Congress must resist the temptation to be "responsible" on Iraq. They were not elected to be responsible. They were elected to end this stupid and immoral war....

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For today, let's enjoy the victory. So many people worked incredibly hard; I can't possibly name all of you. However, on behalf of the members of District 4, I thank all of you w...

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2006 Illinois AFL-CIO General Election Endorsements!

The Illinois AFL-CIO held its General Election Endorsement Session at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield on June 6, 2006. Delegates representing Affiliated Labor Unions, Central Labor...

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It’s important for the voices of all working men and women to be heard by our elected officials and we encourage everyone to get involved in the political process and take an acti...

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Sniper Attacks Adding to Peril of U.S. Troops!

"In recent months, military officers and enlisted marines say, the insurgents have been using snipers more frequently and with greater effect, disrupting the military’s operations...

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Make Sure Every Vote Counts!

Download information on how to make sure your VOTE counts and what to do if you have reason to believe it won't!...

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"AD-WARS" - Animation By: Mark Fiore!

Approve Your Own Message and VOTE on Tuesday, November 7, 2006! Link to new animation by Mark Fiore....

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"Poll after poll shows the U.S. war is uppermost in the minds of the gray-haired legions as they help decide whether President George W. Bush's Republican Party will keep control o...

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Gray Panthers Demand The President And Congress Bring U.S. Troops Home From Iraq Without Delay !

"Gray Panthers encourage you to speak with your vote. Let your elected officials know you are watching their votes and demand they bring our troops home. Participate in demonstrati...

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Tell Candidates to Talk About: The War in Iraq

"I visited your U.S Congressional website to obtain your position on various key issues and was totally shocked that the War in Iraq is not listed as an issue. In fact, a word sear...

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