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Legislative and Political Action

4/06/04- Bush Puts Worker Safety & Health in Deep Freeze!

Since taking office in January 2001, the Bush administration has turned its back on workers and workplace safety. Siding with its corporate friends, the Bush administration has ove...

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4/02/04- Governor Blagojevich Signs OT Protection Law!

Illinois becomes the first state to decouple from new federal overtime rules. The bill signed by the Governor today rejects the federal changes and keeps current job classification...

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3/29/04- Employee Free Choice Act!

To rectify the inequities that have chilled the aspirations of millions of workers to join a union, the bill would require union certification through democratic card check procedu...

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3/29/04- Tax Cuts!

Our tax system should be fair to all workers. last year CWA opposed the largest tax cut plan in the history of this country, the bulk of whivh went to multi-millionaires. Last year...

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3/29/04- Consumer's Right To Know!

The CWA supports efforts to restore confidence in the booming call center market, save precious jobs here in America and help provide a measure of security for telephone transactio...

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3/26/04- Chicago City Council Votes No to Wal-Mart!

Wal-Mart's $20 million entry into the Chicago market suffered a serious, and perhaps fatal setback Thursday, when organized labor flexed its muscle against a company it calls "publ...

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3/23/04- 2004 "ACE" Membership Drive!

AT$T Concerned Employees (ACE) Council On Retirement Protection is conducting their 2004 membership drive. Over the years, CWA and "ACE" have collaborated on various retiree pensio...

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3/09/04- Illinois Labor Endorsed Candidates!

The Chicago Federation of Labor (CFL) has endorsed a slate of Cook County Democratic incumbants and the Illinois AFL-CIO recently voted on their endorsed candidates in Congressiona...

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TAKE ACTION on Health Care Today! Call your Illinois State Senator and Representative to Support HB 4562 and SB 2581. Download PDF flyer with information on how to contact them....

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2/17/04- VOTE ! John Kerry - Democrat For President

On March 16, 2004, VOTE for John Kerry in the Illinois Democratic Primary. He's the real deal for Local 4250 families. John Kerry is the only Democrat who can beat George Bush and ...

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