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Articles by Author: stisza

Dubai Deal Just the Beginning! By: Leo Hindery Jr.

A disturbing new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office shows that Uncle Sam is joining many Fortune 500 companies in the offshoring act. GAO auditors found that in ...

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Offshore Humor?...

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**U. S. House of Representatives "Friends of India Caucus"**

The largest caucus of its kind in the U. S. Congress was formed in 1993. One of their objectives is to push India's economic agenda on the hill. Click on to check if your Congressp...

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The H-2B work visa program allows U.S. companies to bring in guest workers from abroad to do seasonal or temporary non-farm jobs that they have been unable to fill with Americans w...

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***United States Senate "FRIENDS OF INDIA CAUCUS"***

A new caucus called 'Friends of India' was formed in the US Senate in 2004. It is similar to the 10-year-old Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans in the US House o...

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************** H1B Visa & Visa Sponsors **************

The scope of the H-2B Visa program (Below)is limited. To review the much larger program that has proved extremely profitable for "high tech" employers, please review this website,...

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* NEA Report On: "Trends In Foreign Teacher Recruitment" *

Download complete report (PDF) to the National Education Association (NEA) by Randy Barber on; "Trends In Foreign Teacher Recruitment" . Background information regarding the hiring...

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STOP the American Worker Replacement Programs-SHUTDOWN H-1B and L-1 Visa Programs!

VIEW Videos Via YouTube , The Emmy Nominated News Report From WKMG CBS Orlando - "Where Did The Jobs Go?" Mike Emmons Is Highlighted!

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Unions Disassociate With "CFAW" H-1B TV Ad!

"It appears that the unions are returning to the same old class warfare that made it so difficult to unite disparate labor groups. Leftie union leaders seem far too eager to ign...

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