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Bush Sells Out USA National Security to Tata of India!

(UPDATED 05/10/05)-VSNL, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, has purchased Tyco Global Networks (TGN) most advanced and extensive submarine cable systems. The aquisition gives VSNL control over a network that spans 37,208 miles and three continents. "TGN is a strategic asset of incalculable value to the United States security and commercial interest. It is an immense, international network offering massive amounts of high-quality fiber optic bandwidth. This transaction gives the Indian government control over a significant portion of the world's submarine cable network(including more than 80% of the total trans-Pacific undersea capacity)and over key strategic submarine landing stations in the United States," according to Republican Senators Jeff Sessions, Jon Kyl and Ted Stevens in a letter they wrote to Energy Secretary John Snow objecting to the takeover. VSNL America, Inc. is VSNL's US subsidiary. Download complete story in PDF format.

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