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GAO Confirms That U.S. Jobs Still Going Overseas!

The GAO found, as Commerce analysts did before them, that offshoring continues to increase in both the semiconductor and software industries.
House Science Committee Ranking Member Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN) offered the following comment on the new GAO report: "Offshoring is moving up the technological food chain with more sophisticated jobs and facilities going overseas. For workers this translates into flat job growth and stagnant wages, which is hard on American families and our ommunities. We need to find ways for American workers to compete in the world economy without sacrificing their standard of living. "I applaud the GAO for initiating this study and would welcome additional studies on offshoring trends and their impact on the U.S. workforce. What has been a disappointment to me is the Administration?s and the Republican Congressional Leadership?s lack of interest in understanding what is happening to working Americans. Without that understanding, we cannot develop effective solutions to keep high-

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