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Country First! - GOP Ticket Puts Zealotry First!

Let's say that you enjoyed watching last week's Republican National Convention on television.
Let's say you drank in the almost uniformly white faces and the regimented revivalism, you clapped when speakers belittled Democratic nominee Barack Obama's work organizing impoverished communities, indeed, you cheered with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's zinger, "Drill, baby, drill!"
Let's further stipulate that you were not at all discomfited by the convention's incessant "Country First" mantra that defines loyalty to America as lockstep fealty to the Republican Party.
Let's say - for sheer argument's sake, of course - all of this is true. What, then, of the substance? Stripping away the partisanship, passion and propaganda, what about the veracity of the claim that the GOP puts this country first?
Well, let's just say it's a little dicey. Download entire perspective by David Sirota in PDF format. YOU decide who will bring REAL CHANGE to America!

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