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From New Citizen to Suspect in a Year

"Mr. Shahzad was born in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province, according to Pakistan's U.S. embassy. He worked at a Connecticut marketing firm until 2009, the saMr. Shahzad initially lived in the U.S. under visas designed to facilitate his education and employment. In December 1998, he was granted an F-1 student visa. Immigration officials noted then there was "no derogatory information" on him in any database, a law enforcement official said. He first attended Southeastern University in Washington, D.C., a small school that lost its accreditation last year. In 2000, Mr. Shahzad transferred to the University of Bridgeport. In April 2002, he was granted an H1-B visa for skilled workers; he stayed in the U.S. for three years on that visa, gaining his M.B.A. It is not clear what company sponsored the visa, which is used to attract workers with a "specialty occupation," such as information technology. me year he became a U.S. citizen." Download entire WSJ story by By Josh Barbanel, Andrew Grossman and Sumathi R

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