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FALSE PROPHETS OF FALSE PROFIT$ - By: Knowledge Foundation for America LLC

May 24, 2010 - Dear Liz VanDerWoude:

On your CWA website I noted that CWA is in a long struggle to end the H-1B visa program. I called your office and talked with Debra who gave me your name so that I could send you the newly released book, False Prophets of False Profit$. This book may be just the tool that the CWA needs to win its fight to end the H-1B program that caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs to foreign visa workers here in the United States. The "False Prophets of False Profit$" are executives who forecast increased profits from displacing Americans with foreign workers, and from other stock manipulations. Knowledge is power. This book exposes how the H-1B is based on false claims. Armed with the research and economic model in this book, the CWA members can work with other Americans to end the H-1B program, and the harm it is causing to American families, and our economy. Please recommend the book to your members. They can purchase the book on our website: http://www.lanitepublishing

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