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H-1B Visas

U.S. Communications Networks Too Easy to Hack!

"One of the things that has happened over the last decade is that we have moved from proprietary to open networks.....This has created new threats and vulnerabilities." Link to an ...

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Protection of America's Communications & Information Networks Require a Congresssional Mandate!

In the event of a direct attack on our nation's communications networks "voluntary contingency plans" by America's communications companies will not work. Why? Because Companies li...

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Displaced Americans!

L-1 Visas get around the legal technicalities that Congress placed on the H-1B Visa Program. The L-1 Program creates an ever-greater source of foreign workers who, on their return ...

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200 IT Jobs a Day Created in India in 2002!

An average mid-sized call center employs around 200 people, this amounts to a call center mushroomimg EVERY DAY of the year in India. Download the entire article in pdf format....

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Hillary Rodham Clinton Supports TATA in Buffalo, NY.

Tata Consultancy Services is the same company that AT$T contracted with to supply foreign nationals to be trained by AT$T as part of their "2002 Contingency Striker Replacement Pla...

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Indian Low Wage Software Workers Arrested in Malaysia for Possible Visa Violations!

Download pdf file of March 13, 2003 news article from Asia Times Online....

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U.S. Jobs Jumping Ship!

Cheap offshore labor is not just for manufacturing any more ---Is your job heading overseas, too? Download pdf file of CNN/Money article...

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Hillary Rodham Clinton Supports TATA!

Tata Consutancy Services is the same company that AT$T contracted with for their "2002 Contingency Striker Replacement Plan."...

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KEEP Sending Emails to Members of the New Jersey State Assembly!

Download this pdf file of an excellent letter from Steve Thompson, computer programmer from a Detroit suburb, to New Jersey State Senator Shirley K. Turner....

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EMAIL ALL N.J. ASSEMBLY MEMBERS NOW!Download pdf file containing an email from N.J. Senator Shirley K. Turner disputing the India Times report that said she "tabled the bill."...

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