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H-1B Visas

Pledge of Allegiance to India- By: Rob Sanchez

Rob Sanchez keeps track of H-1B visa developments at his website, Download his essay (Part 1 & 2) about the India Caucus in the House of Representatives, "Friends o...

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Jerusalem Call Centers To Be Subsidized!

"The government approved a subsidy program this Sunday to provide incentives for the development of call centers in Jerusalem." Download entire article in PDF format....

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"New" Report Finds Foreigners Defeat Border Security With Stolen Passports!

"Foreign travelers have entered the country using illegal passports the government knows are stolen, and the whereabouts of some with possible terrorist links remains unknown, acco...

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India & Pakistan Sign IT Memo of Understanding!

The PASHA and the NASSCOM have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for mutual cooperation in the IT sector of the two countries. Jerry Rao, chairman of NASSCOM, reflected on...

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India To Bag 15% Of U.S. Tech Jobs!

"...amid continuing concern in the U.S. over the outsourcing issue and flight of jobs, a recent cartoon showed bewildered American kids being told to make their Christmas wishes to...

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Cost Cutting Spurs "Home-Sourcing" Trend!

Though the total number of home-sourced workers is difficult to track, the ranks of their professional groups are swelling. Many like their improved work-life balance even though t...

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India & Pakistan IT Firms To Sign Outsourcing Pact!

Private Indian and Pakistani information technology companies will meet in the Pakistani capitol, December 15-18, 2004, to tap business opportunities and sign a cooperative agreeme...

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Bush Pushing For Illegal Immigrant Amnesty!

The president said he is going to spend the "political capitol" he earned in his re-election to push hard for his plan. "I'm going to find supporters on the Hill and move it,"he sa...

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Disproportionate Number Of Union Jobs Offshored!

A new report by Cornell University and University of Massachusetts Amherst found, in the first quarter of 2004, unionized workplaces were disproportionately affected by US product...

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Keith Adams is particularly bitter because his state of Ohio, which lost more jobs during Bush's first term than most, was instrumental in the president's victory."My reaction is o...

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