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AT$T TO FIRE 147 Union Workers in Chicago!

The attached PDF file contains a "Correction" to AT$T's initial October 19, 2004 Surplus/VTP announcement....

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Download poster for posting in your cubicle and distribution to scab contractors in PDF format....

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AT$T Bastardizes Grievance & Arbitration Process

In preparation for 2005 CWA/AT$T contract negotiations, AT$T has initiated implementation of their dishonorable plan to completely eliminate the CWA represented AT$T workforce. Dow...

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CWA AT$T Radio Mobilization Broadcast!

Radio ads supporting the CWA AT$T mobilization will be heard on various radio stations on Tuesday, October 19 and Wednesday, October 20, 2004. The ad runs predominantly during the ...

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EMERGENCY "Continuous" CWA Local 4250 AT$T Membership Meeting!

An Emergency "Continuous" membership meeting for all CWA Local 4250 AT$T members, retirees and activists will commence today, October 18, 2004, at 3PM (CST). Download flyer (PDF) f...

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CWA Workers Protest AT$T Job Cuts!

There will be an Informational Picket Line by CWA Local 4250 members, retirees and activists at 10 South Canal Street, Chicago, Illinois at 12 Noon on Tuesday, October 19, 2004. Do...

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Welcome To The 21st Century, Mr. Bush!

"WHAT? You are a Programmer. You are an Information Technology Specialist. You are a Computer Trainer. Your're an Engineer, an Architectural Design Specialist, a Scientific Researc...

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AT$T Hiring Permanent Replacement Contractors!

AT$T is getting rid of its own workforce. It is replacing its own union workers, and even its own managers, with sub-contracted employees. Download complete story in PDF format....

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An Important Message From CWA Local 4250!

Jim Wasser, member of IBEW Local 176 in Joliet, Illinois, was second in command on John Kerry's Swift Boat in Vietnam and knows what kind of leader he is. Download flyer in PDF for...

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2005 H-1B Visa Cap Exhausted In One Day!

This year the cap was reached on October 1st, the FIRST DAY of the 2005 fiscal year. Download complete article in PDF format....

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