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Legislative and Political Action

A New Day On Trade And Globalization Policy!

Fair Trade Letter Signers: The letter that each of your Organizations has endorsed was just sent to all Members of the House and Senate with 347 organizational sign...

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CWA 2009 Pediatric AIDS Foundation!

Twenty years ago Elizabeth Glaser set out to change the world -- to save her son's life after her daughter died and to make sure that every child with HIV/AIDS had a chance for a h...

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"CHICAGO, Jan. 22, 2009 - In response to President Barack Obama's recent call for all Americans to participate in an annual national day of service on January 19, Share Our Strengt...

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01/19/09 Help Elect Dave Fazzini Will Township Supervisor!

If you or any of your family or friends live in the following Zip Codes in Will Township, Illinois, (60468 - Peotone, 60401 - Beecher, 60449 - Monee, 60940 - Grant Park or 60417 - ...

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Stewart Acuff Gives Neil Cavuto An Education!

"Here's a delightful surprise from, of all places, Fox News. When Neil Cavuto interviewed Stewart Acuff, special assistant to the president at the AFL-CIO, about the Employee Free ...

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Tom Geoghegan For Congress Illinois' 5th District!

As you can see from Tom's announcement speech this week, his campaign is fundamentally about the question he asked in his famous book - the haunting question of the labor movement:...

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Legislation To Protect Retirees Health Care Benefits!

The erosion and elimination of employer-sponsored health care coverage for retirees took a step forward on September 25, 2008 when NRLN President Bill Kadereit testified before an ...

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The Labor Agenda!

"The first and biggest test of Mr. Obama's commitment to labor, and to Ms. Solis, will be his decision on whether or not to push the Employee Free Choice Act in 2009. Corporate Ame...

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Fair Trade In 2008 Elections!

"From the presidency to both chambers of Congress and from the traditionally "free trade" Florida to Colorado and New York to New Mexico, successful candidates in 2008 election rac...

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A Lump Of Coal From Santa Bush!

When given the opportunity to be "naughty or nice" this holiday season, Bush has clearly opted to go down as one of the naughtiest, most sinister presidents in our nation's history...

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