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The FISA Amendments Act: Protecting Our Country and Civil Liberties!

"On Friday, the House of Representatives adopted H.R. 3733, the FISA Amendments Act. This carefully crafted legislation gives our intelligence agencies all the tools they need to p...

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New Telecom Whistleblower!

"Three powerful House Commerce Committee Chairmen strongly urged their colleagues Thursday to defer acting on requests for retroactive immunity and to demand more information from ...

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FISA: Setting the Record Straight on the White House

"As the House of Representatives takes the time it needs to negotiate a bill to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the White House has launched a public assaul...

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AT$T Whistleblower Wins Pioneer Award!

Mark Klein is a retired AT&T telecommunications technician who blew the whistle on the government's warrantless surveillance program. When news reports of the illegal spying surfac...

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Bush Fear Mongering Over Telecom Immunity!

Finally, the House of Representatives has stood up to President Bush's fear-mongering. This week, the Bush White House tried to bully the House of Representatives on an important b...

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Senate Approves Surveillance Measure!

"The Senate approved granting legal immunity to telecom companies alleged to have helped the government's warrantless spy program, a victory for the White House. What's Next...

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US Senate Democrats Give Bush Telecoms Immunity!

"After all, if the government need not bother with court orders to spy on Americans as part of its 9/11 Terrorist Surveillance Program, why should telecom companies have to respect...

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House Committee Leaders Unite to Oppose Immunity for Telecoms!

Washington, D.C. - Today, a formidable trio of House Committee Chairmen sent a stern letter to their colleagues urging them to oppose immunity for phone companies that assisted in ...

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The Stage Is Set For The Showdown Over FISA!

"Sorry, Mr. Bush. The eavesdropping provisions of FISA have obviously had no impact on counter-terrorism, and there is no current or perceived terrorist threat, the thwarting of wh...

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Most Important Story of Day Involves Feinstein's Action on Senate Floor on Wiretapping and FISA

"Bush will veto anything that does not include outright telecom immunity, and it is highly unlikely 17 Republicans will be willing to buck his demands and support even Feinstein's ...

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