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Senate Approves Surveillance Measure!

"The Senate approved granting legal immunity to telecom companies alleged to have helped the government's warrantless spy program, a victory for the White House. What's Next...

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US Senate Democrats Give Bush Telecoms Immunity!

"After all, if the government need not bother with court orders to spy on Americans as part of its 9/11 Terrorist Surveillance Program, why should telecom companies have to respect...

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House Committee Leaders Unite to Oppose Immunity for Telecoms!

Washington, D.C. - Today, a formidable trio of House Committee Chairmen sent a stern letter to their colleagues urging them to oppose immunity for phone companies that assisted in ...

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The Stage Is Set For The Showdown Over FISA!

"Sorry, Mr. Bush. The eavesdropping provisions of FISA have obviously had no impact on counter-terrorism, and there is no current or perceived terrorist threat, the thwarting of wh...

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Most Important Story of Day Involves Feinstein's Action on Senate Floor on Wiretapping and FISA

"Bush will veto anything that does not include outright telecom immunity, and it is highly unlikely 17 Republicans will be willing to buck his demands and support even Feinstein's ...

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More Disruptions to The Cheney/Rockefeller FISA Plan

"As the events of the last two months demonstrate, if citizen opposition is channeled the right way, it can make a genuine difference in affecting the course of events in Washingto...

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Just Say NO to Telecom Immunity! By: Laura Scher

"While we all know how Bush and his pals, big telecom, want this legislation to go, I want to know what the next president has to say. And three key senators (Clinton, McCain, and ...

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Oppose Telecom Immunity, Uphold the Constitution!

President Bush wants Congress to pass a bill that lets the government spy on the phone calls and emails of Americans without a warrant. He also wants a bill that makes sure the tru...

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Wexler Calls for Cheney's Impeachment Now!

"In this time, at this moment, Congress must stand for truth," Wexler said in a speech on the House floor Monday night. "A growing chorus of Americans is calling for accountability...

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The Other Senator From Connecticut!

"Sen. Dodd has a reputation, in some quarters anyway, of being "invisible." Based on recent events, that label is unwarranted. Dodd has made a very big splash regarding one of the ...

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