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11/09/07 - Update-2: C-Span "Washington Journal" Video of Retired AT$T Technician Mark Klein!

VIEW 11/08/07 "C-Span - Washington Journal" interview of former at$t Communications Technician Mark Klein. "That makes me feel like maybe we've had a teeny bit of impact," said Mar...

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Mark Klein - AT$T Whistle-Blower's Evidence! !

Mark is in Washington, DC today, November 8, 2007, as the Senate Judiciary Committee considers a bill to give AT$T IMMUNITY for spying on U.S. citizens. If AT$T didn't violate any...

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YouTube Video With AT$T Whistleblower Mark Klein!

Senator Chris Dodd has posted a YouTube video of an interview with AT$T Whistleblower Mark Klein. Click MORE to access updated news article with link to YouTube Video....

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STOP The Cook County Phone Tax!

The Cook County Board of Commissioners has proposed a new tax of $48 per phone per year, which could raise some phone plans by as much as 131%! The proposed tax would apply to ever...

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Free Speech Could Lead To Online Disconnect

"If you're displeased with the way a company treats you, you're free to air your feelings in public, right? Not necessarily if you receive high-speed Internet access from AT&T Inc....

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Steelworker Steve Skvara on 'Oprah' Thursday!

"Skvara, who retired on a disability from LTV after 34 years, became a spokesman on the issue of national health care during the nationally televised AFL-CIO presidential debate at...

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Will Congressman Weller Do The Right Thing?

"Republican U.S. Rep. Jerry Weller, recently named one of the most corrupt members of Congress by a watchdog group, announced Friday that he will not seek an eighth term." ..."A wa...

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Illinois Congressman Hastert $ Weller Get Subpoenas in Bribe Case

"Former Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), Rep. Jerry Weller (R-Ill.) and 11 of their House colleagues are fighting subpoenas to testify in a criminal case linked to disgraced former...

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VOTE!: Take The CWA Endorsement Survey Now!

Millions of union members have already made endorsements for the 2008 presidential election. Do you want CWA to get in on the action? CWA wants to hea...

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What's More Disgusting: Being Lied To, Or Hearing the Truth?

"If you read the news very carefully, you can see exactly what is going on inside the Washington debate over the Iraq War. One party is lying, and one party is telling the truth - ...

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