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Local 4250 General Membership, By-Law Changes,Nominations and Elections Meeting

A General Membership Meeting will be conducted on Wednesday, October 26, 2011. The agenda will include nominations and elections of Local 4250 Officers/Delegates and Chief Steward...

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A world with less breast cancer is a world with more birthdays. That world gets closer and closer at every American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Join u...

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CWA Local 4250 Unity Picnic Pictures

The 1st Annual CWA Local 4250 Unity Picnic was a big success attended by over 150 Members, Retirees, Family and Friends. Local 4250 Officers and Retired Members' Chapter Officers t...

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American Jobs Act 2011-Proposed Legislation By President Obama

Download President Obama's speech delivered to a Joint Session of Congress, Facts about the bill and a complete copy of the bill below:...

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House Republicans Pass the 'Outsourcers Bill of Rights'

Representative George Miller blasted the bill as one that would “severely undermine the opportunity for middle class workers to succeed in life.” If unionized workers lose a reme...

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The Theft of The American Pension

A striking example was Lucent, which inherited about 100,000 retirees when it was spun off from AT&T. From the beginning, Lucent kept saying, "We are crippled by these retirees," b...

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Delegation of Legal Experts Finds Credible Accounts of J-1 Abuses at Hershey

One of the delegation’s principal recommendations is that the State Department suspend CETUSA’s authority to continue sponsoring student workers and issuing J-1 visas. We strongl...

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AT$T Legacy T Surplus & VTP Announcement!

CWA VP Ralph Maly received the following SURPLUS and VTP Announcement from Diane Bradley, Assistant VP AT$T Legacy T Labor Relations. Download PDF file below for more information

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Putting America Back To Work

By: Andrew Fieldhouse, Josh Bivens, Lawrence Mishel and Ross Eisenbrey "The unemployment rate in the United States has been at roughly 9% or above since the spring ...

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Labor Day 2011

Dear Members and Retirees Download the attached Labor Day letter and enjoy your weekend... Join us at Historic Pullman / Chicago at 111th and Cottage...

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