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H-1B Visa Holders Not The Best & Brightest!

"A report released yesterday by the nonprofit Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) posits that most of the workers hired under the H-1B visa program do not possess optimum technological skills.

Authored by University of California-Davis computer science professor Norman Matloff, the study indicated that the wages paid to technology workers who receive H-1B work visas tend to barely exceed the prevailing wages that federal law requires employers to pay these workers.

CIS also reports that most of the workers receiving the technology employment visas work either at entry level or just above it. It deduces that most of these foreign workers are not the finest in their fields and therefore do not serve as evidence that the H-1B visa program has brought many technological innovators to U.S. shores.

"In pressuring Congress to expand the H-1B work visa and employment-based green card programs, industry lobbyists have recently adopted a new tack," Mr. Matloff wrote. "Seeing that their past cries of a tech la

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