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Lee Howard Wins Theodore Driscoll Award for Investigative Reporting on H-1B Visa Abuse from the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists

Here's some positive news regarding the long - term fight against H-1B Visa abuse. An investigative reporter, Lee Howard was recently recognized by the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists for his reporting on H-1B Visa abuse by Pfizer Corporation. He has given me permission to distribute this email (which includes the 4 part series) widely - and I hope that you will disseminate it. The more that is known about the H-1B Visa program by U.S. citizens, the better the odds are for the termination of this corrupt program. I sincerely hope that Lee receives additional recognition for his in-depth reporting. The Pulitzer Prize for Journalism is one award that comes to mind: Lee's email is The Day' Newspaper's main phone number is: (860) 442-2200

Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D. Arlington, VA (214) 455 - 8065

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