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Rep. Giffords' Bill To Triple H-1B Visa Cap

Rep. Gabrielle Gifford introduced legislation to Congress that would double the H-1B cap, and in some circumstances triple it. The way it would work is that the yearly cap of 65,000 would be raised to 130,000 but if 130,000 H-1Bs were actually used, the cap would go up to 180,000 the following year. Gifford's bill will guarantee that during the next economic recovery Americans will not get the jobs. It would be far more accurate to call this the "Jobless Recovery Act" instead of "Innovation Employment Act". Bill Gates praised the new bill so it is officially Microsoft certified junkware.The Giffords bill is a significant threat to large segments of the American workforce. Take it very seriously! If you wish to contact Rep. Gabrielle Giffords's office be sure to ask for an immigration or economic staffer because the front line staffers are clueless college kids. Download complete article by Rob Sanchez in PDF format.

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